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How do I create a Roku account

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The initial purpose of the is to make you create a Roku account for your own benefits. This account allows you to access some of the major channels from the Roku channel store and subscribe to them as well in the same time. The account is mandatory for all the processes to happen.

Uses of a Roku account

The Roku account is best known to deliver you the following uses:

  1. Creation of an account
  2. Activating a gadget
  3. Including several channels to the account
  4. Eliminating platforms from the identity
  5. Paid subscription for all the channels

Creating an account

In case if you wish to create a Roku account, then you must navigate to the and go to the sign up page.

On this page, you have to enter a lot of details and this allows you to gain absolute control over all the devices you use. But always remember that each device needs a separate account to manage the gadget

Activating a device

This process is done to prevent any unauthorized activities such as piracy and fraud from taking place. It is the first step done using the device to add the channels of your choice. Users will get an alphanumerical code so that they can proceed further.

Inclusion of the platforms you like

The also has another purpose where you can begin to include all your favorite platforms.

Surf to the Roku channel store and add the channels that you wish. You must also pay the subscription fee to access the channel’s content.

Eliminating the channels

So if one process involves addition, then the other process takes on the elimination. If you no longer wish to watch the channel, then you can delete it immediately

Contact the support panel for further issues via +1-844-581-4357

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